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Thursday, April 05, 2012

In which I beg and enter a contest.

I recently read this post on a (feminist) blog I often read, which basically says women don't like to brag for fear they will seem attention-grabbing or not self-effacing enough.

I do and do not have this problem. You don't write a blog about your life and your projects without a certain amount of fondness for navel-gazing. (My navel used to be so cute, by the way, but now it is just so not, after four pregnancies. So wrong. Not sure how long I could stand to gaze at my actual navel before combusting, requiring a ferocious pep talk back into liking my body again.)

Remember this project? (Click on the link for a tutorial.)

Quilled monogram

It is far and away the most popular project on my blog. And my enterprising friend, Shaunte, entered me into a contest on this awesome site. I didn't even ask her to! It required no begging! And it ends up that I am a finalist. Very unexpected development.
Anyway, the point of all of that is to ask for votes! A thing which I have never done before. I bet you were wondering why I was going off on that odd, not craft related tangent there at the beginning! But, you would probably ask for votes too, if Shaunte was your cheerleader. Her encouragement and enthusiasm is like bird-flu-strength infectious. So, I'm trying not to care that I am vote-begging/bragging. Take that, patriarchy.

I could win a $100 gift card if I garnish the most votes. Which is a great prize. So, if you'll tolerate me asking you to vote, here's the link to the contest. And, of course, feel fee to vote for whichever one you think is the best. But, I'd be pretty darn happy if you think it's mine.
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