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Friday, March 13, 2015

My Kids Are Growing Up and Learning to Code!

It's pretty miraculous that I got my laptop back from my oldest two children so that I could write this post. They've discovered codecademy, and since we are currently taking a break from video games (the fighting, please save me from the fighting), they are eager to keep going with learning HTML. Xander is 12 and Maxton is 11 years old, and it makes my little web-designer/proud-mama heart do a small jig to see them learning.

How long before I can farm them out or have them take over my job on the sly? Two weeks or so?

Learn to code at

Anyway, I'm even using codecademy to make sure my skills are more well-rounded. I highly recommend it (also, they don't know I'm saying this. Just my experience with the site, which I really like, and all the standard disclaimers).
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