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Monday, March 09, 2015

We Can Pickle That! Subversive Cross Stitch

This Christmas, I suddenly had the urge to cross stitch. It's been years since I did cross stitching. I think my last project was a blanket for my oldest son, who is now twelve (pick me off the floor, because I don't believe he is that old). So, it's been a while.

But, I've been seeing those subversive cross stitch projects around, and it's hard to resist the juxtaposition of such a traditional looking project with such an unexpected message.

I searched through a lot of options before finding the perfect one for my sister. It's based on this Portlandia sketch. Although my sister isn't a fan of the show (I don't think she's ever seen it), she is a huge canner. I mean, she cans things. Usually out of her own garden, which she plants from seeds. That is some serious homemaking crap that I cannot keep up with.

The finished project (which she loved by the way):

We Can Pickle that Subversive Cross Stitch

You can find the pattern here.
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