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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And I still haven't had breakfast. . .

Ug, I just had the worst hour and a half. I put the older two in front of the TV while I hopped in the shower. Closed the doors, made sure the gates were up, Griffin was asleep. Took a quick shower, quicker because I heard Griffin screaming. Got out and started to feed him. Well, two people from church were supposed to stop by I thought around 11:30. Nope, they showed up at 11 (probably my fault for remembering wrong). Xander opened the door for them, I'm still in the bedroom, not dressed by the way, feeding Griffin. I stop feeding him, throw on some clothes and come out. My hair is not even combed yet, btw. Well, while I was in the shower, Xander knocked the gate down to my scraproom and poured my brand new quick-dry tacky glue all over Maxton's head, the carpet and my chair. The glue was already cemented in Maxton's hair. I visit with the women for a while. Then I put the boys in the tub, meanwhile, Griffin starts screaming again. I call my mom to see if she can come help me (how am I supposed to save the carpet, bathe the boys and feed Griff all at the same time) but she's not home. Pull the boys out of the tub against their wills. All three are now screaming at the top of their lungs. Put the boys naked in front of the TV, calm Griff down a little, then start working on the glue mess. I really don't think it's coming out of the carpet. . .
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