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Monday, March 03, 2008

Talk talk talk

So, last Saturday we were coming home from getting a few things at the store and Xander started bugging us about going to Chuck E. Cheese. We told him we weren't going then. Next he wanted to know if we could go on the "next day." All three of them call tomorrow "the next day." As an aside, I will tell them that we will go tomorrow and inevitably, they ask, "You mean the next day?" Anyway, we told Xander we couldn't go because it would be Sunday and we need to go to church and we choose not to do those kinds of things on Sunday. He comes back with, "I promise to think about Jesus while I play." We were cracking up.

My other story is about Griffin. He's really got an amazing vocabulary. For example, we needed to clean up at Grandma's yesterday and he was trying to worm his way out of it. His argument? "Little boys can't clean up, especially when they are dirty little boys." Grandma was very impressed with his use of "especially." Keep in mind he's not even two and a half yet. I was laughing at him the other day, because he kept saying, "or something." I can't remember what came before the "or something." It went something like, "this is my big ball or something."

Speaking of speaking, Aubriana is now on her third word! "Dada" was first; David was so excited (although he has 3 out of 4, pout pout). Then, it was "hi" complete with very enthusiastic waves. She says it "hu, hu." Next, she got around to "Mama." Oh, it's so cute! It melts my heart into a little puddle. She mostly says it when she's hungry, but occasionally other times too. Two nights ago, I could hear her over the baby monitor saying, "Mama" when she woke up in the night. She is really the sweetest thing. She's just getting the pincher grasp now.
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