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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Will she ever get better?

Last month on the 15th, I took Aubrey to the doctor because I suspected she had an ear infection brought on by a cold. Sure enough, she did. They gave us some antibiotics, simple enough, right? Not really. I took her in for her 9 month (how did she get so old already!?!) well check up and she still had a slight cold and a now double ear infections, plus she'd dropped in weight, which is a bit scary. So, more antibiotics. Well, a few days later she wakes up and I notice spots all over her legs and arms. At first I was thinking it was an allergic reaction to the new type of antibiotics, but after a call to the nurse and a baking soda bath, nope, it's. . . chicken pox. (!) Of course. What else could it be? I was happy that her runny nose seemed to have cleared up in the meantime. Well, now the chicken pox are mostly healed, and she has developed a raspy cough and a runny nose again. I've not gotten much sleep in the past few weeks, plus we have moved in the meantime and boy, I'm tired. Poor baby, I hope she gets better soon. I don't think I can take much more. She is pretty good during the day, it's just at night that she gets crabby. We also haven't been to church in quite a while. I hope that she is well enough this Sunday so we can get back to normal.
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  1. Oh, I'm so sad to hear she got the chicken pox! And isn't sleeping well... :( And you moved?? Holy cow, you need a vacation.

  2. Oh the pox!!! She will get better soon and then you both can rest!! Love your work...thank you for the funny parenting moments...we've either been there or are oh, so still firmly entrenched there!

  3. Oh man. That sucks... sooooo bad!! Sorry that your sweet baby is sick and hope things get back to normal for you very very soon!

  4. Oh poor baby! How are you holding up? What a long stretch of sickness!!

  5. Hope things start to get much better soon! HUGS!

  6. Oh I am so sorry KAra, it's so hard to have sick kids! HUGS~ I hope she feels better and you can both get some rest. :)


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