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Friday, May 01, 2009

Some Projects: Two Bags and A Little Boy's Dream Come True

I really should have been doing other things this week besides sewing. Nothing like a little avoidance and procrasition to kick my creative side into over-drive.

First up, a purse. I thought I was making myself a bigger one, but um, no, it's actually smaller than the one I've been using; a risk you take when you make up your own pattern. It's cute though. I love when scrapbook supplies come in handy for other hobbies.This is a library bag I made for Xander. I don't have an embroidery machine, so this is my improvised version. Xander's verdict is that it's a bit boring. He wants something on the back and smilie faces on the squares. I told him too bad. :P

He does however, heartily aprove of this wallet. In fact, I think he approves of it a little too much. Look at the obsessed love gleam in his eye. I caught him kissing it earlier. Who knew Xander's first big crush would be a wallet? I hope this isn't prelude to a love of money. I also really like the fake-out potiential with this fabric choice. "Cool! I have $50. Oh wait, no I don't." It's kind of fat, too, because yet again, I couldn't find a pattern I liked, so I made one up. This is my first attempt, but it still turned out cool, if not perfect.
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  1. that first purse would make a really cute scripture bag. I've been thinking of making Hudson his own now that he's a sunbeam! :)

  2. that is such a cute purse! I love that fabric!!! do you know who makes it?

  3. Fabulous bags, Kara!

  4. Thanks for posting this ! I just did a post on my blog about people using cloth tote bags ! Let me know if you want me to list a store you have.


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